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  Confessions - 20.4%
  Secrets - 10.7%
  Affairs - 9.7%
  Other - 7.8%
  Fear - 7.8%
  Obsession - 5.8%
  Not For Parents - 5.8%
  Lust - 5.8%
  Regret - 5.8%
  Secret Crush - 4.9%
  Anger - 4.9%
  Uncommon Behavior - 3.9%
  Cheating - 2.9%
  Stealing - 1.9%
  Revenge - 1.0%
  Make A Wish - 1.0%

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"Regret is to be the category.... Anyway, sometimes, I wish I hadn't revealed anything about having been sexually abused, although I didn't seem to have any other option at the time. I am the enemy, the bad-guy, the liar, and the reason that various family members will have nothing whatsoever to do with Christ.... I only hope that what I did PROTECTED the younger siblings. Even so, I have successfully blurred the details. It's not a huge deal, and sometimes, in order to foster any dialogue, and do right, and honor my parents, I want to tell all that I lied. Who knows that the LORD doesn't hold me responsible???"

2005 Secrets and Confessions

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