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  Confessions - 20.4%
  Secrets - 10.7%
  Affairs - 9.7%
  Other - 7.8%
  Fear - 7.8%
  Obsession - 5.8%
  Not For Parents - 5.8%
  Lust - 5.8%
  Regret - 5.8%
  Secret Crush - 4.9%
  Anger - 4.9%
  Uncommon Behavior - 3.9%
  Cheating - 2.9%
  Stealing - 1.9%
  Revenge - 1.0%
  Make A Wish - 1.0%

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"I should have brought her a smile of pure confidence and satisfaction. I should have made her life a lot easier. But I didn't.All because I was too weak. I did not come to my Biostatistics class because my emotions of mixed anger and guilt overpowered me and turned me depressive. I was mad at one of my classmates whom I adore. But I realized the moment I screamed, "abuser" in front of her face when she confronted me ended the knot of friendship we have been holding onto. In the end, it only made matters worse. Now, I have failed my mother and she will be disappointed tomorrow. I have failed my Biostat class. All because I have let myself go soft. All the things that my mother worked for will be gone tomorrow. My scholarship that she most cherished is gone. I guess I'll have to work my ass off on my own for the better. This time, I'll make the right decisions, weigh the consequences well and master the art of disregarding my ill feelings for the good of the people who truly cares for me"

2005 Secrets and Confessions

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