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  Confessions - 20.4%
  Secrets - 10.7%
  Affairs - 9.7%
  Other - 7.8%
  Fear - 7.8%
  Obsession - 5.8%
  Not For Parents - 5.8%
  Lust - 5.8%
  Regret - 5.8%
  Secret Crush - 4.9%
  Anger - 4.9%
  Uncommon Behavior - 3.9%
  Cheating - 2.9%
  Stealing - 1.9%
  Revenge - 1.0%
  Make A Wish - 1.0%

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"well, i did the dumbest thing. i slept with my boss. he's married, i'm married. now i'm sorta stuck. i let him take me down the road towards this one night stand. i did things with him i have never done. i let him do me from behind. i don't mean doggy style, i mean he did my behind. when i was stuck to him, with his thing all the way in my butt, i felt totally totally his. it hurt, but god, i belonged to him. it was the most amazing feeling i have ever had. i surrendered myself totally and it was the most amazing high i have ever had. now, i am his. i mean, he owns me. i mean he totally owns me. and i am so happy about it. i have never ever belonged to someone like this. i hope he treats me well, because i cannot and will not deny him what he owns."

2005 Secrets and Confessions

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