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  Confessions - 20.4%
  Secrets - 10.7%
  Affairs - 9.7%
  Other - 7.8%
  Fear - 7.8%
  Obsession - 5.8%
  Not For Parents - 5.8%
  Lust - 5.8%
  Regret - 5.8%
  Secret Crush - 4.9%
  Anger - 4.9%
  Uncommon Behavior - 3.9%
  Cheating - 2.9%
  Stealing - 1.9%
  Revenge - 1.0%
  Make A Wish - 1.0%

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"I have been married for five years and it is a second marriage for both of us. At first, my husband was charming, and fun and very sexy. We were so happy. Now he is always mad about something and drinks too much. His friends have all noticed it but have not said anything to him. He says that he used to drink a lot before he met me but that he had to because his ex wife was so horrible. He also says that with being French, it is a custom to drink. I am very sad and find myself pulling away from him. I often think about a colleague at work who I know has always been interested in me. I feel so guilty that it makes me angry. I am trying to help my husband because he is a good man but he doesn't think he needs help. I need to feel that i am not the one who has to be responsible all the time."

2005 Secrets and Confessions

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